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[Fe]ver Metal Art Center is owned and operated by Leslie Tharp Designs LLC.
Leslie Tharp has been working as a metal artist in Gainesville, Fl and has utilized the process of blacksmithing in her practice since 2009.

Leslie has shared her passion for blacksmithing through hands on workshops and demonstrations for the past 11 years and has been awarded a Journeyman Certification through the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association and the 2019 Individual Artist of the Year award through the City of Gainesville.
Hands-on Workshops are a great way to dive into the world of blacksmithing and [Fe]ver offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to begin learning.  No experience is required to participate unless noted in the class description.  Enjoy small class sizes and learn step by step the techniques involved in completing the project of your choice.

Visit the Policies and Terms Page, and review the Workshop Policies  before registering.


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