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I am a metal artist in Gainesville, FL that specializes in large scale public art and teaching hands on metalworking classes. My adventures in metal began at the University of Florida's Sculpture Program where I was given training and access to a wide variety of tools and techniques. After graduating I worked for a brief time as a hired welder, and eventually moved back to Gainesville to pursue a more creative carrier. My blacksmithing training began at Penland School of Craft, where I received a work study scholarship to attend a two week workshop in the Iron Studio. I caught the bug right away and began gathering tools to practice with and attending workshops whenever possible.

I now run a metal studio and teaching shop in Gainesville, and I specialize in large-scale sculpture and custom metalwork that integrates forged techniques.


I believe public art has the power to surprise and delight people, and through that engagement there is an opportunity for meaningful conversation. Curiosity exists in us all, and public art holds the unique ability to be seen by many different people, in many different places. Our days deserve to be filled with color and wonder, and I hope my work can provide that escape, as well as educational inspiration for the subjects it explores.  

Beyond my role as a maker is my role as a teacher. I love to teach! It’s built on my own love of learning and eagerness to share. I aim to create a very inclusive and motivating environment for students as they begin their journey into metalworking.

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