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I am a metal artist in Gainesville, FL that specializes in large scale public art and designing and teaching hands on metalworking classes.

I believe public art has the power to surprise and delight people, and through that engagement there is an opportunity for meaningful conversation. Curiosity exists in us all, and public art holds the unique ability to be seen by many different people, in many different places.

Our days deserve to be filled with color and wonder, and I hope my work can provide that escape, as well as educational inspiration for the subjects it explores.  

In addition to public art, I create high quality custom metalwork for both private and corporate clients. Approaching the medium through the eyes of an artist can yield beautifully fluid and unique results, and I love the challenge of designing new projects to meet the specific needs of the people I work with.

Beyond my role as a maker is my role as a teacher. I love to teach! It’s built on my own love of learning and eagerness to share. My interest was initiated after I found it difficult to find blacksmithing instruction in my area. Some of those instructors who were available didn’t seem to take my interest seriously and I saw a need right away for access to good instruction, and with an aim to create a very inclusive and motivating environment for students.


The metal shop is a place where both muscle and mechanics meet and the best smiths I know just know how to use their bodies or machines well. There’s more thought than sweat working here, and that means that anyone can walk into my shop and enjoy this medium. I continue to work to increase the classes I offer, and develop the spaces I teach in to be accommodating to students. And I continue to feel gratitude for the privilege I hold in being able to share my passion, and work with so many amazing people.