Visiting Demonstrator, Doug Wilson

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

FABA NORTH FL REGIONAL Statewide Meeting featuring Doug Wilson

Mark your calendars for March 21st! Doug Wilson will be the featured demonstrator at the NORTH FL Regional Statewide Conference meeting, hosted at Leslie Tharp’s teaching workshop, [Fe]ver Metal Art Center in Gainesville, FL. We encourage everyone to attend this special event! Don't forget to register early for Doug's workshop on Sunday, March 22nd. Details are posted here. Doug Wilson is a well-known blacksmith located in the remote area of Little Deer Isle, Maine. Doug is both a gifted smith as well as an instructor, and regularly teaches at craft schools throughout the U.S. Doug's ability to demystify complicated techniques and re-frame them as attainable goals for even the newest student is one of his many talents as an instructor. His astute approach to both function and form is apparent throughout his work, which ranges widely from sculptural to architectural ironwork. You may be familiar with his wrapped stone pieces, or have seen his cleanly executed joinery projects. If you are able to attend this educational demonstration, you will be in for a treat. Doug describes his inspiration as follows: “Inspiration comes to me from many sources. Careful observation and study of the natural environment informs me. The nature of the materials, hot iron and steel, and their responses to being worked certainly are manifest. What are the characteristics of a project and of both the built and the natural environments where a project will reside? Often, coming to know my clients and how they will live with the work I make becomes significant in my designing. I believe that these objects I have made help illuminate the narrative of who we are, where we come from, what we believe in and what is unique or special about the places we call home.” There will be an opportunity for members to register for a workshop the following day with Doug, and FABA members will receive a discount for early registration. This meeting will feature an expanded “Iron in the Hat” so please make sure you bring an item. Member made hand-forged items are encouraged! More information will be published in the March Clinker Breaker, and and on the Northeast FB page so stay tuned." For more information on Doug’s work please visit Located: 7325 NW 13th Blvd, Bays 68/69 (directions below) Directions to 7325 NW 13th Blvd, Bays 68/69 Follow these instructions closely and see the map below to get a clear visual of the area. • Heading north on 441 from Gainesville turn right onto NW 74th Place (past the 121 light). • Cross the railroad tracks and turn right on 13th Blvd. The road will dead end into a wooded lot and there will be storage units to the left. • Turn left and head towards the tall cell phone tower at the back. • You will see my shop just past the tower in the back of the complex. • Call Leslie at 352-224-9641 if you have any trouble finding the studio.