Looking Forward

First, a quick check-in

Hello! Hi! How are you?

I hope you're doing well. This has certainly been a very challenging year for many of us and I hope you're hanging in there.

Over here in the shop, it's been a quiet summer, full of a lot of self-reflection followed by new creative ideas. I've been fortunate to have plenty of commission work to keep me busy as well. (Thank you everyone who has come to me with project requests!).

The spring teaching season closed early and quickly in March, and a visit from Master Blacksmith Doug Wilson was postponed. As were many classes, both at the Santa Fe Welding Shop and here at the Blacksmithing Shop.  I thoroughly missed seeing so many of you and felt very unsure about when it would be safe to re-open.

As we've moved into the end of summer, I've found myself daydreaming of the fall teaching season that normally begins in October for me. I can practically feel the cool breeze on my cheeks! And I'm happy to announce a couple things I've got planned for fall!

Something New to Look Forward To

Beginning in September, I will be offering take-home cold-working metal kits.

The take-home kits can be picked up locally or shipped, and will include all the tools and materials needed to complete your chosen project. The first batch of projects I've designed include Garden Markers, Monster Wall Hooks, Ring and Key Bowls, Wind Chimes, and more. If you purchase a take-home kit, I'll send you an instructional video showing you how to complete your project, and will be offering Office Hours via Zoom and by phone for extra assistance.

The project selection will cater to processes you can explore at home- with the sole requirement of a sturdy table or tree stump to work on, and once your project is complete you just return the tools.

FEEDBACK NEEDED - If you're equipped with a forge or welder already, and would be interested in maker kits that provide project materials and specialty tooling, along with step by step instruction via video and Zoom, please touch base with me. I've got some really fun ideas for projects you can tackle with your own equipment, but need to know if there's enough interest to begin organizing them!

In Person Classes Beginning in October

Beginning in October, in-person workshops will be available at the shop. Due to COVID-19 cases still being high I'd like to encourage small private parties at the shop. We'll be working in a well ventilated space, and students will be required to wear masks.  

Visit the workshop page to see the list of hot-working projects I am offering, and the accompanying group rates. Please note, I've lowered my rates to accommodate smaller group sizes, and hopefully improve access during these difficult times.