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NEW! Open Forge Sessions

Take your skills to the next level

The Open Forge Program is designed to promote self-guided time by the forge. Members will have access to the same blacksmithing equipment they enjoy during workshops, but will be free to explore their own projects.


You must attend a one-day workshop or multi-evening class before registering for an Open Forge Session. This assures us that you've been through safety training by the forge and have had exposure to at least a handful of techniques to practice and use.

It's important that you:

Have some projects in mind to work on that you'd be comfy tackling without assistance.

Do your research and arrive with a plan.

Be mindful that this is not a class, so please don't expect to receive a lesson from the shop tech.


Follow all Safety Rules in the space- keep eye protection on, wear proper clothing, have hair pulled back and do not wear baggy long sleeve shirts. Assume everything is hot. Do not use tools you are unfamiliar with without asking.

Prepare to work in a communal space - this means you are required to communicate with the person you're sharing a forge with if you need to, or preparing to share tools when you're not using them. If we only have one of something please be mindful of others if you plan to use it for a large part of the session.

Listen to the Shop Tech. They are there to help, but they also have the authority to ask you to stop doing something, or to adjust your use of a tool for you or the tool's safety.